Course Introduction

The English for Higher Education Professionals course is an intensive professional training course that aims to help participants express themselves more confidently and accurately in English in international Higher Education settings while also getting the opportunity to experience and explore the charm and vibrancy of modern day Dublin.

  • 20 lessons of group tuition / week

  • 1 lesson = 50 minutes

  • Course Duration: 1 week or 2 weeks

  • Minimum Level: Upper-intermediate (B2)

Who is it for?

Academics and Administrators working in Higher Education Institutions who need English to regularly interact effectively with students and colleagues. You must have at least a B2 (Upper-Intermediate) level of English to join this course

Course Format

This English for HE Professionals course can be organised as either a one-week or two-week course and consists of 20 classroom-based sessions per week, plus an extensive cultural and social programme led by your teacher trainers.

  • 20 lessons of group tuition / week
  • 1 lesson = 50 minutes

2022 Dates

Spring Summer Autumn
4th April – 15th April

18th April – 29th April

4th July – 15th July

19th July – 29th July

1st August – 12th August

15th August – 26th Augus

17th October – 28th October

*Or by arrangement for closed groups

Course Location

Dublin, Ireland

Course Aims

  • To effectively prepare and structure presentations and lectures – introductions, key points, explaining visual information, and conclusions.

  • To manage and participate in tutorials and meetings (in-person and Zoom) – setting the agenda, discussion management and time management.

  • To better decode and respond to oral and written messages (cross-cultural communication).

  • To promote awareness of Irish culture and society through topical, collaborative lessons.

  • Demonstrate increased control and flexibility over a range of grammatical structures and functions to communicate ideas for a range of academic purposes.


Participants are expected to actively participate in the workshops, and applied exercises and tasks, to reflect on their own practice, and share thoughts, ideas and expertise in pair work, small groups and with the class as a whole. Critical thinking and active peer and self-evaluation are essential for the course.

During the course participants will also take part in a range of afternoon activities where they will be encouraged to develop their language skills in a more informal environment outside the classroom and further enhance their knowledge of contemporary Ireland and the vibrant city of Dublin.

Course Themes and Sample Timetable

The English for Higher Education Professionals course has three main components:

  • Communicating in International Contexts
  • Language Skills for Higher Education *
  • Irish Life and Culture (including focus on language development)

The Language Skills for HE component has two distinct strands. One for academics, and a distinct one for administrators working in HE to reflect their different professional duties and tasks.

* Language Skills for HE – Academics Strand

  • Planning and Delivering Lectures
  • Language for Seminars (Explanation, Supporting Evidence)
  • Research Writing

* Language Skills for HE – Administrators Strand

  • Language for Client Services (Clarification, Mediation)
  • Organising and Conducting Meetings
  • Email Writing

To ensure your course meets your development objectives, the schedule of sessions on every course is drawn up and agreed with each group of participants and Erasmus Plus coordinators on the basis of pre-course training needs analysis questionnaires.

Week Two (Sample) Session One
9am to 10.40am
Session Two
11am to 12.40pm
Afternoon Activity
Monday Course Orientation
Improving Cross-Cultural Communication in the workplace
The fundamentals of public speaking: ideation, influence and impact Lunch with Teachers and visit to Trinity College and the Book of Kells
Tuesday Professional writing skills 1: emails and email etiquette Ireland, Brexit and the EU Portobello Local History Walk and Talk Tour
Wednesday Business meetings 1: setting the agenda, introductions, discussion management and time management Adapting oral and written messages to meet particular cultural requirements and expectations Visit to St Patrick’s Cathedral & Marsh’s Library
Thursday Project management: explaining processes and timelines Ireland – The Border and a Border Poll The Liberties (gentrification) Walk and Talk Tour with teache
Friday Conference calls: setting up, discussion management, closing and follow up The Irish Education System End of course Lunch and Irish Coffee
Film and Fluency Club
Saturday Full day excursion to Glendalough (County Wicklow)

Follow Up

Participants on the course are encouraged to keep in contact, sharing materials and experiences when back in your own classrooms. Follow-up contact is made with the participants three months after completion of the course to gather feedback on the effectiveness of the classroom activities presented and on how your teaching practice has been developed. The course trainers are available for follow-up advice and support at all times.

Price List

1 week Training Course

  • Programme includes materials, excursions and activities.
  • Additional Fee: Homestay Accommodation: €225 for one week of host family accommodation (single room, half-board) + €65 placement fee

2 week Training Course

  • Programme includes materials, excursions and activities.
  • Additional Fee: Homestay Accommodation: €450 for two weeks of host family accommodation (single room, half-board) + €65 placement fee

Erasmus Plus Info

Organisation ID (legal name): Atlas Language Institute

Participant Identification Code (PIC): 943679051

Organisation ID: E10128627

Registration Number: 373677